Starting at the roots, he is the gifted son of two New York City based celebrities. Dad: a famous orchestra conductor and musical director for several top-rated major network radio shows. Mom: a jet-set covergirl model depicted on virtually every major national and international magazine publication; and–in a single year–on eight of those magazine covers.

And their son? Don Bestor, Jr. is a musical genius and a monster player! He epitomizes the word versatility by demonstrating chameleon-like powers at the keyboard. Country, latin, jazz, etc. You name it and he lends his unique musical signature through the hard work of his experience and dexterity.

Beginning as a 5-year-old piano playing child prodigy, Don helped his rising star along the way by earning a 4-year scholarship to Berklee College of Music and by becoming the fair-haired protegé of a well-known mentor, Arden E. Clar of Greenwich, Connecticut. After majoring in arranging, Don decided to augment his education by focusing on state of the art concepts of digital music recording. He sought out the extraordinary talent of recordist Mr. Gordon Banks of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Don’s credits include arranging and recording musical backgrounds for some of the best musicians in the business.

As a performer, Don toured the country leading and orchestrating a well-known musical contemporary group called Trademark.

Currently, Don is not only a favorite of Palm Beach and Vero Beach Societies, but he is also on the short list in the jazz scene. Don can be seen and heard performing throughout the Palm Beach area at such popular gathering spots as The Breakers, The Chesterfield Hotel, The Four Seasons Hotel, Admiral’s Cove, etc. where he lends his incredible musical talent and unique piano style to every type of music.

You be the judge!